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At TLK Partners, we know the value of proper money management. As chartered accountants, tax accountants, and tax agents for Beverly Hills and the surrounding area, we put our expertise to use on your behalf, to interpret, plan, and organise your finances and tax situation to your best advantage.

At TLK Partners, our biggest asset is our diversity of knowledge, running from wealth management to legal advice, and our wealth of experience. We use a fact-based process, digging deep in to the figures, to get to the root of their own unique issue, and ensure that we are working to make their money situation more streamlined and more functional.

Our goal, as your Beverly Hills chartered accountants, is to make your money work harder for you. Through our professional processes, we will begin by providing on objective, outsiders viewpoint of your asset and wealth situation, and put the best measures in place to help you to reach your goals.

As your Beverly Hills tax accountants and tax agents, we put our knowledge to its best use, to minimise your taxation exposure to all levels of government, from federal, to state, to municipal. For the majority of clients, this results in more money being reinvested – or enjoyed – at years’ end.

TLK Partners serves our clients through the provision of top-quality advice, in areas including:

  • Individual and Business Tax Returns.
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS), Payroll and Bookkeeping Services.
  • Providing Personal Finance Advice (TLK Mortgage and Finance).
  • Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Development, Structuring, Compliance and Auditing.
  • Creative Lending & Leverage Solutions (TLK Mortgage and Finance).
  • Investment Portfolio Commentary & Advice (TLK Wealth).
  • Wealth Strategy & Management (TLK Wealth)
  • Compliance Accounting & Legal Tax Minimisation.
  • Solving Business Challenges with Objectivity.
  • Asset Protection Structuring.
  • Business Structuring and Reporting.

Let us put our notable expertise to use for you, either personally or professionally. As Beverly Hills’ chartered accountants, tax accountants, and tax agents, we can help you to maximise your returns and your businesses success. Contact Us today.

Located seventeen kilometres to the south and west of Sydney’s central business district, the suburb of Beverly Hills is primarily residential in nature. Home to over ten thousand residents, it is known for its art deco architecture, and was named in the 1930s after its American counterpart.