Your Beverly Hills Financial Advisor and some Innovative Tech

The reach of technology is nigh-unavoidable today. It permeates everything, from our buying and spending habits, to the ways that we conduct business. And while we may decry the amount of screen time that we may have to experience in a given day, there are more than a few advantages to be had for the savvy investor.

A variety of mobile phone apps and innovative tracking software has allowed us to take considerably greater care in tracking and compiling a list of where our money is going. It can operate as an unconscious method of saving, with almost no involvement from us. And of course, it can keep us in touch with the state of the market. Here are some of our favourite tech innovations that can help you to control spending and reach your financial goals.


Formerly Acorns, Raiz is a saving tool that skims nearly unnoticeable amounts from your checking account throughout the course of the month. So, when you spend $1.50 on your debit card, Raiz rounds it up to $2, and puts that extra fifty cents in to a savings account. It might not sound like much, but it accumulates quickly.


A browser add-on, Honey makes use of the remarkable computing power of the web today. With a unique search algorithm, it searches out discount codes for your purchases, which are then applied at point of sale. The savings can be anything from 2% to 20%, but over the long run, they can help your bottom line quite a bit.


One of our favourite mobile apps, this handy tool breaks down spending in to allocated columns – and lets you know, in brutal honestly, exactly what you have to spend, and where it is all going. Offering you insights in to your spending habits can help you plan for the future, and avoid as many impulse spending decisions, as well.


This app puts your bill management all in one place. With a linked account, you can cover your bill obligations directly from the app. You can schedule payments, you get reminded of impending due dates, and receive confirmation notifications, all in one easy app.

As your Beverly Hills financial advisers, we can help you to reach your goals. Contact us today to find out more.

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